About Us


To get local Restaurants to think about adding more vegan-friendly dish options to their menus.


Bring awareness and education to restaurants and shops as well as certify VeganApproved Products.


We care about not only the exploitation and cruelty to animals but we also care about our environment.


With the support of restauranteurs and the consumers alike, we will have great vegan-friendly dishes.

VeganApproved was started by two best friends, Adam Lipson and Leo Palatnik. Both care deeply about animals and the prevention of animal cruelty. While Adam maintains a strict vegan diet and lifestyle, Leo not so much; it's work in progress. Needless to say, they both live a very active lifestyle. They both do yoga, surf, hang out with friends, and of course, eat. Without having many vegan restaurants options to choose from, it's a constant battle of decisions on where these two can go eat and both be happy and satisfied. Little did they know, they are not the only ones facing these challenges. It is very common amongst vegans when it comes down to going out and eat with friends, family, etc.

So Adam and Leo came up with a great idea! VeganApproved. What VeganApproved does is to add more vegan-friendly dishes at common restaurants. They do this by forming alliances with the owners and coming up with unique vegan-friendly dishes by working with the chef. This way, a vegan has a whole lot more dining options and can enjoy restaurants along with their friends and family, and the restaurant can, therefore, cater to vegans, opening up a whole new market to them. It's a win-win for everyone!

Vegan food is so much more than just tofu and grains and it’s more than just “meat free”. The vegan diet goes a step further. We believe every restaurant can create a unique vegan dish with the ingredients they already use. This will draw Vegans to the restaurant allowing them to dine amongst other non-vegan friends and family. Lets face it, it’s not easy being a vegan and having to eat out and the vegan only restaurants are very limited. This is why we have created the VeganApproved concept and the seal of approval, which would be displayed by the restaurant door or entrance. We talk and work directly with the chef and the restaurant owner to at least come up with one unique vegan dish to be able to cater to the vegan diet. Most restaurants will have several vegan friendly dishes, the more vegan friendly the restaurant is, the higher it will rank. With that being said, to get the approval, the restaurant will have to have at least one Vegan Approved dish in their menu.